Plant Saxs

Sax are handmade plant vessels created with vintage, reclaimed and new fabrics. They are designed to give your space a dose of style with eye-catching colors that perfectly complement your style and space.  

Sax on the beach

Hi! I’m Jessica Heiman and I’m the creator of Sax plant vessels. This company was born out of the request of a friend who sought an alternative to heavy decorative pots for her botanical boutique. She told me what she wanted, I put my own spin on it, and voilà! 

Conserving resources and reducing waste are center pieces to my day to day life and I run my business in the very same way. I’m inspired by beautiful places and objects and choose to surround myself with items of quality. These two factors guide me in creating vessels, one at a time, that bring a sense of joy and enhance the natural beauty of your plants, flowers or any item you choose to hide inside.

Each Sax is hand made and created with heavy duty canvas and decorative textiles. I’m crazy for vintage fabrics and often deconstruct outdated garments and give them a new life. Many of my fabrics are remnants from other companies which keeps their end pieces out of the waste stream. 

On a personal note, I grew up in Seattle, have lived in Italy, and Hawaii is home. I have always been a maker and an educator and I currently coordinate and teach plant lovers at Paiko in Honolulu. I proudly consider myself a plant geek and could spend all my days playing with flowers, working with natural dye, gardening, making and preserving food, crafting or playing with my kiddo. And I’d rather play outside!

I am always curious about others and should you like to connect or collaborate I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for supporting a small business mom and the economy that surrounds those of us that choose to engage and build our communities through commerce.